Five Ticket Trends To Watch

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Kirk Wakefield Inventory is sister to innovation in ticket pricing and practices. The proportion of total revenue generated by tickets across sports leagues is inverse to the media dollars generated by each league. Media and sponsorship dollars follow the volume and loyalty of fans–because reach and frequency still matter. Consequently, tickets make up only 22 percent of total revenue for the NFL because it has the largest media revenue, compared […]

The art of the ticket stub

Posted Posted in NEWS Illustration When Russ Havens attends a game, he’s very fussy about his ticket stub. In particular, he prefers that the ticket be torn, not just scanned. “Tearing it adds to the patina of it,” he says. “It shows use, like a mark on a game-worn jersey.” That preference is one of many, many opinions Havens has regarding ticket design, ticket use, ticket protocol, ticket history, and just about anything […]