Matt’s Memories

September 27, 2008

Known as “The Promise”, Tebow used 30 seconds after the media finished its questions to deliver some of the most passionate words you’ll ever hear from an athlete.

“I just want to say one thing to the fans and everybody in Gator Nation. I’m sorry. Extremely sorry. We were hoping for an undefeated season. That was my goal. It’s something Florida’s never done here. But I promise you one thing: a lot of good will come out of this.

“You have never seen any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of this season, and you’ll never see someone push the rest of the team as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season. You’ll never see a team play harder than we will the rest of the season. God bless.”

November 11, 2006.

This is probably my favorite non-Championship ticket and most memorable game in The Swamp. Gators were down 16-10 in the 4th Quarter. Tim Tebow converts a 4th down & then scores to give the Gators a 17-10 lead with 3:03 left. The Gamecocks marched down the field and complete a pass to the Gators 7. It was called back for a false start and they had to attempt a 48 yard FG. Jarvis Moss blocks the kick, Gators go on to win the rest of their games including the BCS title game vs Ohio State.

I remember this couple sitting in front of us. The husband was an obnoxious fan who probably should never watch a game outside of his house. He was very mean to his wife and then he stormed out of the stadium thinking the game was over.

April 2, 2007.

My first Final Four and National Championship game in person. Florida Gators vs Ohio State Buckeyes, at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. The trip was awesome because we were 99% sure they were going to win since they won the title the year before and they had their starting 5 back. They had 3 of the top 9 picks in that NBA draft that year (Horford, Brewer, Noah). The greatest NCAA basketball team I’ve seen.

January 8, 2009.

BCS National Championship game. Florida Gators vs Oklahoma Sooners, Orange Bowl at Dolphins Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL. My brother and I started tailgating at 10am. We had a lot of friends there since the game was local for me. Gators win 24-14 for their 2nd National Championship in 3 years (3rd overall). Tim Tebow won Offensive MVP and Carlos Dunlap won Defensive MVP.