Case Study

Florida Panthers & Ticket Time Machine: A Case Study


When the Florida Panthers, one of the NHL’s aspirational teams, set their sights on the playoffs for the 8th time since their 1996 Stanley Cup Finals appearance, they needed to acknowledge their devoted Season Ticket Holders (STHs) remarkably. This case study unveils how the Ticket Time Machine initiative became a game-changer in fan appreciation and engagement.


As playoff excitement built, time was of the essence. The Panthers needed to quickly create a unique offering for STHs that could be printed and distributed efficiently. The primary challenges were the time constraints and the limitations of a small market team.

The Master Plan

-Phase One

The initiative kicked off on March 25th with an email blast to STHs, providing a deadline for a special offer. The plan was to sell commemorative tickets, reminiscent of those from the Panthers’ notable ’96 season.

-Phase Two

After an enthusiastic response with an initial order of 952 tickets, a second run was prompted by a tweet from a staff member that went viral among the STH community, leading to the printing of an additional 1,263 tickets.


The Ticket Time Machine offered custom-designed Stanley Cup Playoff tickets to STHs at a nominal price of $5. The tickets featured a personalized SEC (Section, Row, Seat) printed on the back, turning them into collectibles. Fans could pick up these keepsakes during game days leading up to the Playoffs.


Original Order: 952 tickets

Second Run: 1,552 tickets

Total: 2,504 tickets ordered, accounting for 51% of the STH base.

The results surpassed expectations, demonstrating a successful blend of nostalgia, exclusivity, and appreciation that resonated deeply with the fans.


“I’ve never got my hands on anything like this before. Receiving this email was such a treat!”

“The overall experience was great, from the ordering process to the moment I held the ticket in my hands.”

“As a long-time fan, the personalized touch truly made me feel part of the Panthers’ territory.”


The Ticket Time Machine case study illustrates the potency of a well-timed, thoughtfully crafted marketing campaign. It shows how understanding and appreciating your audience can lead to significant engagement, fostering a deeper connection between fans and the franchise.